Wings Over

I’ve never been to Buffalo, NY but for me, there’s only one place to eat Wings and that is at Wings Over (Insert Town Here!). Normally the Diesel does not endorse chain restaurants but Wings Over is just so damn addictive that I’ve been known to plan whole road trips around eating their spicy breaded chicken goodness. Wings Over throws it down boneless or traditional style with endless amounts of sauce options. As they boast on their menu, they use real chicken and prepare your order fresh to ensure quality. Because they use a real fryer and not a microwave to cook the wings, it takes time so call ahead with your order. The chicken is moist, the breading isn’t to thick and they are perfectly messy.

While they do have a somewhat corny naming system based around an aeronautical theme, after your first order, the sizes become second nature. And as I mentioned before they do have tons of flavors but the purist only goes one of two ways: Buffalo or straight BBQ. Naturally, Buffalo style offers five heat levels but it safe to stay around two (Cruisin’ Altitude) or three (Red Alert).

Bottom line, you haven’t had true wings until you’ve eaten at Wings Over. The chain mostly exists around densely populated college campuses but franchises are popping up all over the east coast every day. If I had a couple hundred thousand dollars, I’d open my own.

Classic Order(s):
DC-10, Red Alert with Blue Cheese, DC-3, BBQ with Blue Cheese
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich at Crusin’ Altitude with Add On Fries and a Dew

Find a Wings Over near you.


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