Baby Mama

Tina Fey is taking over the world.

Tina Fey is taking over the world.

Don’t be fooled by what other critics are saying. Baby Mama is a chick-flick. While it is palatable for guys, don’t expect to be pleasantly surprised a la Tina Fey’s previous movie Mean Girls.

That being said, Baby Mama is a successful romantic comedy. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are great and there is an excellent supporting cast. The story is cheesy and capped by a typical Hollywood ending but I wasn’t put off by it. Unfortunately, the funniest moments in the film are given away in the previews being shown on TV and seeing them in the context of the movie takes most of the punch out.

I’d like to go on a little tangent here. Since when is pregnancy the only funny thing about women? I’m not advocating for women’s rights or gender discrimination but I feel that the only time it’s safe for women to be in a somewhat edgy comedy is when the story revolves around giving birth because, like, you know that’s all women are good for, right? I just don’t get this trend in film. It’s safe, relatable and tired. How about a comedy centered around abortion instead? No?

One more thought on the direction of generic, safe comedy. There were several funny scenes in Baby Mama but the moment that received the loudest audible laugh from the crowd in the theatre was when Greg Kinnear’s character receives shocking news and faints suddenly. Really? The fainting gag? People still find that funny? Oh wowzers! That news was so unexpected and he was so unprepared for that doozey that he just fainted! Gee golly! Hardy Har belly laugh.

Anyways, Baby Mama isn’t the best chick-flick comedy I’ve ever seen but my girlfriend loved the movie and I’m sure that’s what the filmmakers wanted all along. They catered to the target audience who wish Tina and Amy were their funny older sisters and made some extra bucks of guys like me willing to give it a chance. (One more side note; Is Amy Poehler already being typecast? I think so).

The movie probably would have been better if released earlier in the spring because blockbuster season is upon us and the next time you’ll hear about this film is in your girlfriend’s Netflix queue.


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