Que pasa Masa?

Que pasa Masa?

The intention of Boston’s Restaurant Week, held twice a year in the Spring and Fall, is to drive business to local establishments and make great food accessible to all through pre-fix menus and prices. While dining out may be considered a luxury for some, Restuarant Week is a time to treat yourself and enjoy some of the best cuisine the city has to offer.

When choosing the restaurant to eat at, a few thing need to be understood. First, all the menus are online to view so you can pick which style of food and menu options you’d like to sample. Second, go mid week to avoid crowds. Lunch is cheaper than dinner but somewhat harder to pull off if you don’t work in the city. Go for dinner and make a night out of it.

After scouring practically every menu and calculating what would give us the best bang for our buck, my dining partner and I decided on Masa

I started my meal with smoked poblano and buttery Yukon Gold potato chowder that had a very complex and rich flavor without being overpowering or too filling. Following the soup came my main course, Southwestern style steak frites with chile dusted frites and chile lime arugula salad. The steak was tender and perfectly cooked to disintegrate in my mouth. The frites (or fries) were tasty but became a soggy casualty of the steak’s glaze on the plate. I went for the salad last to cleanse my palate and prepare for dessert and it was the right move. I cleaned my plate of every last morsel and even sampled the chicken dish across the table, which was equally diesel.

Dessert was shared and each bite of the Mexican flan and warm chocolate truffle tamale really put a great ending to the meal. Each was extremely rich and sweet, but I preferred the truffle because it was accompanied with raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream to cut through the dark chocolate.

Overall, the meal was excellent. The menu was delicious, nicely presented and really showcased the chef’s skills. The service was commendable-not too pushy yet very attentive. I would certainly go back to Masa, as I am now intrigued to see what else the kitchen has to offer outside of Restaurant Week. Southwestern food isn’t just fajitas, black beans and rice. To see what the intense flavors of chilies, spices and grilled meat really taste like, check out Masa, south of the Pike border in Boston’s South End.

Sorry, no pictures. I’m not that tool that takes pictures of their plate when it comes out of the kitchen.


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