Kanye West – Glow in the Dark Tour @ Tweeter Center

Ninety percent of all rap music is horrible in the live concert format. Usually it’s just a bunch of guys screaming inaudible lyrics over each other with insanely blown out bass pumping and unnecessary posturing. Creativity and entertainment are not the words associated with your typical Rap concert.

Kanye West though, is an entertainer and knows how to put on a show. West’s set at the Glow in the Dark Tour proved once again that he is the most magnetic performer and personality in the world of hip-hop. The post apocalyptic staging, video screens and loose “narrative” of the concert, all contributed to Kanye’s ultimate vision with his hits as the soundtrack.

Most impressive was Kanye’s stage presence. He ran through his catalog of bangers non-stop for an hour and a half, all by himself with no hype man and never missed a rhyme. The set list was exactly as expected and made the crowd continually sing along and nod their heads. While some fans may like some of his deeper album cuts like “Family Business” or “Gone,” it’s hard to argue when song after song makes the crowd erupt and create a great energy and flow to a show.

“The Good Life,” with an extended outro, was definitely my favorite song of the night and easily the party jam of the year but the run of “Hey Mama” into a 19,000 person “Don’t Stop Believing” sing along followed by “Stronger” was the climax of the concert.

Kanye played it straight all night following his imagined storyline but it was evident that The Glow in the Dark Tour could just have easily been called “Egofest.” The whole show was like a love letter written by Kanye to himself and it was awesome. This point was no clearer than when Lupe Fiasco didn’t even come out for his verse on “Touch the Sky,” ‘Ye just rocked it himself. There were also rumors that Jay-Z was in the house, having been at the Celtics game the previous night, but there was no sign of Hova, simply because there was no way Kanye was getting upstaged by his big brother on his night. Some people hate on him for being cocky and arrogant but as previously documented, I love it.

I missed Lupe Fiasco and N.E.R.D. because we were having a great tailgate party in the parking lot, watching all the drunk high school kids fall all over themselves, and I bet we got a better show outside the venue. Rihanna was decent, running through her string of pop hits but it was hard to tell if it was her or her band who carried the weight.

Love him or hate him, Kanye West is the ultimate showman, unafraid to share his thoughts or vision. Rap fan or not, his live show is not to be missed.

Good Morning
I Wonder
Get ‘Em High
Through the Wire
Heard ‘Em Say
Diamonds from Sierra Leone
Can’t Tell Me Nothing
Flashing Lights
The Good Life
All Falls Down
Gold Digger
Jesus Walks
Hey Mama –> Don’t Stop Believing
Touch the Sky

This has nothing to with the show but what the fuck is up with parking at these large venues? The show ended at 11 p.m. and I did not leave the Tweeter Center parking lot until 12:45 a.m. This venue hosts concerts every summer for multiple nights a week. Wouldn’t you think they would create an effective and efficient way of letting cars out of the parking lot? No. Almost two hours of sitting idly in a car. While the situation did not ruin the concert for me, it makes me never want to go to the Tweeter Center again and wonder what exactly my extra convenience and facility charges are going to on the price of a ticket. Completely unacceptable.


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