Goldfinger & Less Than Jake – Live @ the Palladium

From the moment Goldfinger hit the stage in Worcester at the Palladium, it was evident that they were there to rock and show why they are one of the single best live bands around today. Feldman and the gang opened with “Spokesman” and when the singer changed the lyric “all I see is choreography” to “all I see is Britney’s shaved pussy,” all doubts of the band becoming too old and losing their edge, were obliterated.

Goldfinger tore through their set of greatest hits with extreme passion and energy like a band half their age. They involved the crowd at every opportunity and genuinely gave a performance that satisfied everyone in attendance. Part of their renewed enthusiasm could be attributed to the return of Charlie Paulson to lead guitar, who rocked major sack like he never left the group.

In what turned out to be the complete opposite of the Thrice show last month, Goldfinger recognized what their fans want and delivered. Soon after ripping through the new ska anthem “Get Up” off their brand new album Hello Destiny, Feldman announced that it would be the only new material they would play during the night, sending the crowd into a massive uproar.

Of course there were two opening bands, Suburban Legends and Westbound Train but they were passed up for Wings and beer. Less Than Jake closed the show with their blend of punk-ska but there’s no way they could follow such entertaining band as Goldfinger. I had strayed away for a bit but after Wednesday night’s show, Goldfinger has cemented their place as one of my favorite all-time live bands.

Counting the Days
Chris Clayton
Here in Your Bedroom
Get Up
Open Your Eyes
San Simeon
Mable —> Crowd on Stage
My Girlfriend’s Shower Sucks
Miles Away—> Extended with Darrin and Crowd
99 Red Balloons


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