311 and Snoop Dog – Live @ the Tweeter Center

You probably only need one guess to figure out what the tour pairing of 311 and Snoop Dogg have in common. Great music obviously!

311 rocked the crowd with old favorites from their vast discography. They remain one of the few bands in the states that can tour large venues without support of a new album and still draw masses of fans. As lightening light up the night and rain began to pour from the sky, 311 launched their set with “Beautiful Disaster” and never stopped the momentum during their high-energy set. Lead guitarist Tim Mahoney had several blistering solos and the vocal harmonizing between singers Nick Hexum and SA Martinez was on point for every song.

Snoop D-O double G kicked off the night and quickly got the crowd hyped with several old school jams and club bangers. It was great to see Snoop backed by a live band and rocking the KG Celtics jersey even though he clearly reps the west coast; just another example of the unity theme for the evening.

While Snoop was on the mic, two high school kids started going at it in the row in front of us. And they didn’t know each other. It unfolded something like, ‘hey, what’s up, let’s make out.’ The female then proceeded to mount the male and dry hump him vigorously for 20 minutes while still sucking face and letting the guy feast on her breasts. Completely shocking, confusing and transfixing. I couldn’t help but stare. Is this how the kids “hook up” these days? I’m never having a daughter.

Previous story aside, the night was extremely fun and the aforementioned thunderstorm really cooled off a hot summer night and elevated the crowd’s mood to a whole new level of enjoyment. If this tour rolls through your town, be sure to check it out.

311’s Setlist
1. Beautiful Disaster
2. Freeze Time
3. Do You Right
4. Flowing
5. Taiyed
6. Love Song
7. Hive
8. Sick Tight
9. All Mixed Up
10. Unity
11. Beyond The Gray Sky
12. Applied Science
13. Frolic Room
14. What Was I Thinking?
15. Amber
16. Come Original
17. Lucky
18. Don’t Stay Home
19. Down
20. Feels So Good
21. Creatures (For A While)
22. Fuck The Bullshit


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