The Dark Knight

I'm so serious right now.
I’m so serious right now.

This review is so unnecessary. Of course The Dark Knight is awesome. So awesome that it’s easily the best movie of the year and probably the most entertaining and enjoyable film of the past five years. There’s really not much more I need to say. Just go see the movie.

Aside from the movie itself, for once I feel that a major studio has expertly marketed a blockbuster film. From guerilla campaigns to embracing online tactics, finally a movie has lived up to, and exceeded its hype.

Many wondered how Heath Ledger’s death would affect the movie. Well, the marketing has made a concerted effort to focus on the Joker and it is clear that his performance will go down as the best villain in cinema’s history. Yea, it’s sad he overdosed, but like many before him, his early death will make his legend and this sole performance grow to epic proportions.

I could go on about the amazing performances by Christian Bale, Aaron Eckhart and Michael Cain or how this movie has firmly solidifying Christopher Nolan as one of the premier directors in Hollywood or how the plot and themes work on so many different levels and how The Dark Knight absolutely destroys all other comic book movies. But time spent reading (and writing) this could be spent waiting in line to see the movie (again).

Get your tickets early. See it in IMAX if possible. See it again. Movies like The Dark Knight only come along once in a decade. To miss this film would be the biggest mistake of your life. I can only think of one other thing I’d rather do for two and a half hours of my life than see The Dark Knight, and let’s just say it costs more than a movie ticket and involves a safe word. The Dark Knight proves that with the right cast, a great script and a talented director, a great movie can be made. The bar has just been raised. Good luck hollywood.


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