Quantum of Solace

Grade: A

Pierce who?

Pierce who?

To all the haters out there: get over yourself. Quantum of Solace is a great film. It’s non-stop action, picking up where Casino Royale left off, Quantum is sleek and sexy yet gritty and tough at the same time. I went into the theatre expecting to be extremely disappointed but left wondering what the hell everyone else was talking about.

Quantum follows Bond, played excellently again by Daniel Craig, through various exotic locations as he tries to unravel a plot of a greedy dictator and egomaniac environmentalist. There are many awesome explosions, fight scenes and beautiful women. Naturally it turns out that his latest assignment leads to a bigger organization that has lived in secrecy and planning world domination.

When the Bond franchise “rebooted” with Casino Royale, the game changed and a new character was born. People who are fixated on what is different like no gadgets, no cheesy names, no over the top villains, etc, need to accept that this is not the same franchise that Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan ran into the ground. (Goldeneye was solid and Dalton doesn’t count). The films became parodies of themselves. Sure, they were fun and campy and I love the films for what they are but the films nowhere near real or engaging. The new Bond is closer to Ian Fleming’s character in the original books and one who actually has depth in character besides sleeping with women and thwarting evil villains. The filmmakers behind the new franchise aren’t stupid. They know what go them here and I’m sure down the road we’ll see Q and Moneypenny and sharks. But you need to crawl before you can run and by building a solid back-story, future films will be that much stronger.

Quantum carries over the same tone, brutality and realism that Casino introduced while expanding the character’s depth and overall plot. Quantum’s plot hinges on the events in Casino Royale, so you’ll need to see that one first. I loved everything about Quantum of Solace, from the modern homage to Goldfinger to the more subtle “Bond” moves. The movie is great and ends in a way that the next installment has endless possibilities.

Seriously, I have a fucking James Bond tattoo. Trust me.


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