Thrice – Live at the House of Blues



Thrice have continued to be one of my go-to bands. They put on a great live show and while their music has take a turn for the more obscure and adventurous, their catalog remains undeniable and worthy of capturing in a live album/DVD.

Unlike other bands who choose to release live recording packages, Thrice has gone all out on Live at the House of Blues. It’s a three-disc collection of 25 songs captured in their home state of California. The DVD and CDs mirror each other in content with the DVD having some bonus features like a 45 minute interview that is actually quite boring.

The recording itself is quite good and I can argue all day about how weak Riley’s snare has become since The Artist in the Ambulance but that’s another day. The band is worthy of high praise in their ability to transfer their Alchemy Index tracks to the live setting. Songs like “Digital Sea” and “The Whaler” actually improve with live instrumentation. On every track Dustin Kensrue proves why he is one of the best male rock vocalists , switching effortlessly between his deep scream and softer melodic tones.

I still get the feeling that Thrice take themselves a little too seriously but the variety on the setlist, something I didn’t see when I caught them in person, shows that they still can give the fans what they want while continuing to indulge their personal musical tastes. The DVD is shot very well and is just visual proof that the band is tight and fully capable of playing their songs in the live setting. Live at the House of Blues is a great package for fans but I can’t see myself going back for repeated listens unless I’m a specific mood.


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