Rustic Overtones – Rooms By The Hour

May Contain Awesome Music

Caution: May Contain Awesome Music

Rustic Overtones recently re-released their 1997 classic Rooms By The Hour giving me license to gush about an album that was in my top 10 all-time records but  has now been cemented into my top 5 all-time records. Why the jump? Two songs: “Cherry” and “Last Night’s Band.” The inclusion of these two bonus tracks took an awesome album and made it absolutely epic. Am I over-hyping this? Maybe, but not for me.

You see, I have a live version of “Cherry” and it’s a great song with a catchy chorus and funky horn line but it becomes a whole different beast when you hear the studio version. As for “Last Night’s Band,” I had never heard the track so when its mid-tempo funk blares through the speaker with organs and horns bumping it makes you wonder why it was never included on any previous releases.

Look, I bought the original release off Amazon a few years ago and I repurchased the album. The new version is strictly DIY with a personalized insert and fresh artwork. All the old favorites like “Sugarcoat,” “Feast or Famine,” and “Iron Boots” are still present in their original form. After re-listening to Rooms, my favorite part is the breakdown and ending solo by saxophonist Ryan Zoidis on “History Crush.” There is just so much soul and melody in such a tiny piece of music that I am completely jealous that I will never be able to create something as perfect.

Unfortunately, Rooms By The Hour is only available through Maine retailer Bull Moose Music. Don’t let that be your excuse.


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2 responses to “Rustic Overtones – Rooms By The Hour

  1. Mike Schaedler

    Dude are you referring to the breakdown and sax solo at the end of the song History Crush? It really is perfect, so awesome. I really like when the piano kicks in during that part too. Great album, thanks for the recommendation.

  2. chefdiesel

    Yea, my bad not citing the specific song. Everything from the guitar solo on is gold. Some of the live versions I have a pretty cool–a different sax solo every time. I really like their new album, but was severely disappointed with the lack of blazing horns.

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