Amateur Analysis: Super Bowl XLIII

Congrats. The hats are always ugly.

Congrats. The hats are always ugly.

Super Bowl XLIII was far from a great game. Sure, there were moments but it paled in comparrison to last year’s epic upset (as detailed by Mike). Even though I am disappointed that my bandwagon Cardinals lost the game, the mannor in which they choked is far more frustrating.

When the Cards were down 20-7, there wasn’t much hope. James Harrison’s 100-yard INT return was a huge momentum swing and it looked like Arizona would never recover–thanks for coming, see ya in mini-camp. But the Steelers took their foot off the gas, Zona went to a no-huddle and stepped up their defensive intensity. Larry Fitzgerald decides to show up and boom, Cards up 23-20.

As Mike Tomlin stated post-victory, they rather have AZ score quick on a big play than grind out the victory. While Fitz’s sprint to the end zone gave the Cardinals the lead and a sense of accomplishment, it felt like they were satisfied with just proving that they could lead in the game and could care less about the outcome. From there the defense choked, couldn’t tackle Big Ben on his wild scrambles and were left scratching their heads, looking on in awe as Santonio Holmes makes a great play in the final seconds. Thanks for playing, have a nice trip back to the desert.

Kurt Warner did have a chance for his first deep jump ball in the final seconds but he was too old and statuesque to evade two rushers and fumbled. Come on, Kurt. You got to at least get off an attempt. You are not a hall of famer. Good luck next year trying to beat out Matt Leinart for the starting QB job.

Super Bowl XLIII was a decent game that should have been a blow-out but ended up as a penalty-filled contest with big plays and bigger disapointments. I’ll be over the loss at the end of this sentance but having to live without football for the next several months will be a harder pill to swallow.

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