The Adam Carolla Show

Well, today was the last broadcast of the Adam Carolla Radio Show. The Los Angeles-based station 97.1 Free FM is switching formats from talk to Top 40 and therefore, Adam’s show is a casualty of a business decision that comes down to money and a bad economy. Adam’s show, as well as many of the other programs on the station, was doing fine in the ratings and had a great, loyal following. I podcasted it everyday and listened at work to all of the great segments like “Music Monday,” “Totally Topical Tivo Trivia,” and my favorite, “Made Up Movies.” In a sea of utter crap, Adam Carolla and his show was hilarious, actually edgy and relatable. I first heard Adam on Loveline, then watched him on The Man Show, saw Steve-O staple his nuts to his leg live on the set of Too Late, sat through every awesome episode of The Adam Carolla Project on YouTube and followed (but didn’t vote for) him on Dancing with the Stars. Adam is probably the quickest, wittiest and poignant comedians I have ever listened to.

Although his radio show is going off the air, the Ace Man “has many irons in the fire” and will be starting his own independant and uncensored podcast in the coming weeks. I’m sure it will be awesome. I encourage all to discover one of the funniest and inspirational guys I’ve ever heard and see that he’s way more than just than Jimmy Kimmel’s old sidekick. Mahalo.


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