Harpoon’s St. Patrick’s Day Beer Fest

Last year, it poured and while it was wet, the St. Patrick’s Day Beer Fest at the Harpoon Brewery in Boston was an enjoyable time. With my positive experience last time, and improved weather, I thought the event would surely be a success with great beer, corned beef sandwiches and tolerable faux Irish folk-rock bands on stage. What I failed to compute though was that flowing beer + nice weather x Boston = a douche bag convention.

The Sea of DBs

The Sea of DBs

The line wasn’t so bad upon arriving and as we walked through the fermenting vats to the tents out back, the scene was exactly how I remember from last year; crowded, loud but people having a good time and soaking in the atmosphere. It became clear rather quickly though that the event was more of a sausage Fest with the Irish excuse to drink and audition for hot chicks with douche bags. The beer lines were long, the music was played through a sub-par sound system and just getting outside to take a piss in a porta-potty took 20 minutes because Sully and his boys all congregated by the one exit to smoke their cigs.

While green was the color of the day, it seemed like most of the young twenty-somethings in attendance were dressed to go clubbing. Way too many Euro sunglasses, tight shirts and annoying drunk girls with grating accents. I felt old and out of touch with the hip scene but then I remember this is why I moved to New Hampshire. After redeeming our free beer voucher and downing our Raspberry UFOs, Jenn and I eagerly decided to leave. On the way out, the lines were around the block and no one was getting in because the fest was filled to capacity. As we walked down the street we heard other gripe and declare the event a bust. It’s good to know we weren’t the only ones. At least we got two more free Harpoon glasses.


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