American Idol…and TWANG

"Ring of Fire": Adam's Ass after a night with Mr. Slave

"Ring of Fire": Adam's Ass after a night with Mr. Slave

Well, Alexis is gone. I’m a little surprised that she was sent home so early but America has proved itself to be quite dumb over the past couple years. But really, why must we be subjected to an entire week of terrible country music songs? I guess it’s better to get it over with early in the top 12 but it kinda sucks that someone’s shot of making it on the summer tour hinges on a genre that none of the contestants feel comfortable in. And Randy Travis? Why not just get Carrie Underwood to be the mentor?

I hated this week’s performances so much that there’s no need for me break down each singer’s attempt and pandering to the red states. One song of note though: Adam’s Lambert’s abortion of “Ring of Fire.” I’m all for taking a song, switching up the arrangement and “making it your own,” but Adam is so arrogant and full of himself that any vocal ability he has, goes out the window when he goes five octaves up to his 80’s metal skreetch and doesn’t care that the judges hated his rendition.

Really, everyone else was forgetable and I’m glad this week is over. If the judges didn’t save Alexis this week, it’s hard to imagine who they’d actually throw their life line to. Next week brings us Motown jams so my expectations are high. But if Adam goes Axl Rose on a Temptations song, it’s all over.


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