American Idol…and MOTOWN

WTF, Ryan are you The Wizard?

WTF, Ryan are you The Wizard?

You can’t really mess with Motown. The sound, the look, the groups are all classic. It was a great choice for a theme to this week’s Idol. More focused than “Hits of Billboard Top 100” and broad enough where each singer can find their niche and shine. While expectations were high for Tuesday night’s show, the performances just didn’t deliver for me. Best moment of the night: Paula’s mustache. How could the producers let her talk on camera like that? Simon continues to be the only real reason to watch this season. As for everyone else…

Danny Gokey – If I were on the show, I’d love to be one of the last two singers because the show always runs long and the judges are forced to speed up their critiques so Fox is off by 10 p.m. Thanks to running long winded on earlier songs, Danny was able to skate by again on his back story and decent vocals. However, what pissed me off to no end was the fact that in his pre-song video package Smokey Robinson specifically told HIM to sing two lines in the chorus instead of letting the background singers take those lines and Danny agreed completely. Fast forward to the live show and he doesn’t sing the two lines. Who doesn’t take Smokey Robinson’s advice, especially when we just saw a two minute package about that advice and Smokey’s sitting in the front row? Worse, he doesn’t get called out on in it by the judges due to time constraints. Just pencil him in now for the finals even though his last three weeks have been weak.

Adam Lambert – Totally different person. Liked the suit, the hair and complete lack of pretension in his performance. The arrangement was a little “cheesy-acoustic boy-bandish” but whatever. If Adam continues down this road with a more toned-down image, I could become a fan.

Megan Joy – Horrible vocals and a band song choice, but she still looked amazing, like a blonde, sober and way hotter Amy Winehouse. Even though she butchered “For Once in My Life,” she’s still only one of three girls left. I don’t think a sausage fest works for producers so she’ll live to quirk up a couple more shows.

Michael Sarver – I don’t think I can add anything to Simon’s spot on comments about how he’s now just participating and has no chance of winning. Well, Simon was right. I hope you enjoyed that mansion, because you’re gone and no one really cares.

Allison Iraheta – Check her birth certificate. No way she’s 16. I still hate her personality and don’t think she has the look of an “Idol.” I feel the same sentiments for Allison that I do for last year’s winner Jordan Sparks: complete indifference.

Lil Rounds – Come on Lil. This was supposed to be your week! Way too fast a song as noted by the judges. Oh well. Nice weave though.

Scott MacIntyre – Dude, his outfit and the blind jokes are just too easy. Just go be a singer/songwriter and get off American Idol. It was cute for a while but he’s just not a great singer.

Matt Giraud – Not a fan of starting off the love-making anthem slow at the piano then transferring to ugly crooner. For the record this exchange happened during Matt’s performance: JENN: “I was reading online and girls think he’s sexy. Like a sex symbol.” NEIL: “If he’s a sex symbol, then I’m a sex phenomenom.”

Anoop Desai – Wait, what? Oh, sorry, I fell asleep there. You were singing Anoop?

Kris Allen – At some point he’s going to have to prove he can work a stage without his acoustic guitar and horrible facial expressions. He’ll probably make it down to the top five but the world does not need another Jason Mraz/John Mayer/Gavin DeGraw/Howie Day/Matt Nathanson clone, let alone any of those original artists.


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  1. Joe

    the judges should be disallowed from mentioning “the wrong song” again… that’s such a cop-out answer seriously. all they have to say is “Sorry, you fail because…” (thank you Simon for being the only original judge)

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