Shrimp Po’ Boy – Raspberries Eatery

For the last year at work we’ve gotten a daily fax from a “restaurant” called Raspberries of their daily specials. I assume someone put our office on the mailing list and so everyday when I wander down to the supply room I see a menu of about five items, mainly soups, salads, sandwiches and a comfort food entree that looks really tasty. So with the cafe being closed and no ther local spots in walking distance, I decided to hoof it over to Raspberries and order a Shrimp Po’ Boy.

Well first, one could hardly call Raspberries a resturant. It’s actually just a one burner operation in the back of a convenience store with a partition and a few tables set up. No matter, the cook was doing his thing right in front of me and woman at the register was friendly. As advertised, the sandwich was filled with lightly coated and pan fried shrip with lettuce, tomato and a creole remoulade on a soft French roll. The sandwich was only six bucks but had flavor of something you’d get at nice sit down place for twice that much. Tender shrimp, a spread with a little kick and fresh veggie toppings. The sandwich was a little messy and the shrimp did fall out a the bun a couple times but after some tucking and squeezing, everything was fine. No longer will the Raspberries menu be an instant addition to the recycling bin. Check it out if ever in Andover from 11-2pm. Lunch only, sorry.


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