American Idol…AND DOWNLOAD

Come on Megan, Mom Jeans? You're better than that.

Come on Megan, Mom Jeans? You're better than that.

For the second week in a row American Idol was severely underwhelming. Sadly, my girl Megan Joy was sent home after a horrible song choice and it’s looking more and more like a sausage fest finale is inevitable. The only positive from this week’s episode was that I watched it on DVR and the experience was life changing. There’s really no reason to break down each singer’s performance but there’s two things we need to address: Scott MacIntyre’s hair and the theme of “popular downloads.”

The theme of “popular downloads” was a complete joke. One would think that the contestants would be limited to picking songs from this decade that people actually paid money for on a music downloading service. But when songs like “Ain’t No Sunshine,” “Just the Way You Are” and some Celine Dion ballad make it on the show, just loose the silly theme and call it what it is–‘anything goes week’. You can’t honestly tell me that “Play That Funky Music” is a popular download in the year 2009. This was a chance for the contestants to prove they could be current and relevant in today’s music landscape, but aside from weak versions of The Fray and No Doubt, the singers over-thought their song choices and came up short. From now on, if there’s a guest mentor from a specific genre, there can be a theme. Otherwise, just open the catalog and let the contestants go wild.

As for Scott MacIntyre’s hair, he looked like a horrible combination of Danny Zuko, Brandon Walsh and Jonah Hill. The stylists must love giving this guy shit and playing dress up with the blind guy. I mean come on, the guy is already blind. Scott showed on the results show that he can’t even lip sync into a mic properly, so why make it look like he combed his own hair?

Next week is the annual “songs from your birth year” so with the majority of contestants in their mid to late twenties, hopefully we’ll get some ’80’s pop gems. Adam is becoming must-see viewing but he needs to do something besides impersonate the singer from The Darkness. With Megan gone, the burden falls on Lil Rounds and Allison to carry the torch for the females and unfortunatly I just don’t see them making it throught. Until next week…


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