I Love You, Man

I would have loved to laugh.

I would have loved to laugh.

I Love You, Man hit a little close to home for me. Now, I don’t consider myself as desperate or bumbling as Paul Rudd’s character, but I certainly could identify with being in a stable relationship and having very few close male friends to hang with. While the premise lends itself perfectly to the bro’d out raunchy comedy that is so popular these days, it’s hard to suspend disbelief and really pull for protagonist Paul Rudd in this film. OK, so he doesn’t have many guy friends but his fiance is hot, he’s a successful Realtor and life is good. What’s the problem?

I Love You, Man is a funny movie in parts, but I didn’t laugh out loud once in the theatre. I could tell the parts where jokes existed and where the audience is supposed to laugh but the comedy felt a little forced and unnecessary at points. Jason Seigel plays a great “dudenstein” and I prefer him hear as a sidekick rather than the whimpering lead from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. One point of “humor” that I didn’t understand was the duo’s affinity for the band Rush. Rush is cool and has some tight songs but I just didn’t get whether Rush was supposed to be inherently funny or just the random band they pulled out of the hat that the guys were supposed to bond over. Jon Favreau was actually my favorite character, playing the asshole husband of a girlfriend to a tee.

The film is pretty predictable, following the typical arch of a hollywood comedy with the obvious journey to find friends, the big conflict at the end of act two and a nice little wrap up at the end. Certainly it would be nice if all girlfriends were as cool and understanding as Rashinda Jones and of course it would be sweet to magically find a best bud at an open house, but unfortunately life doesn’t always go so smoothly. Save this one for your Netflix que.

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