American Idol…and BIRTH YEARS!

See ya, Scott.

See ya, Scott.

My faith in the American population has been restored. By sending Scott MacIntyre home on this week’s Idol, voters have showed that they might actually care more how people sing, rather than where they came from or specifically their “challenge” in performing. Scott was almost saved by the female judges but it was so rewarding when Simon put his foot down and declared this week the end of the road for the blind singer/songwriter. I bet Scott would still be around if he didn’t  bust out the guitar and gives us a taste of his “punk” side. Scott wasn’t the worst singer ever and his self-deprecating humor was refreshing but it it was obvious he would never win the title and it felt like the pity/”inspirational” votes kept him around two weeks too long.

As for the rest of the singers, I found myself underwhelmed again. Besides Danny’s sacreligious arrangement of “Stand By Me” and the instistence by the producers to have the contestants sing in the ‘mosh pit,’ there really wasn’t anything to rant or rave about. Adam may have had his signature moment with Simon’s standing ovation for “Mad World” but I never really liked that song so it wasn’t that powerful for me. If Adam stays true to form, he’ll return to his flamboyant, bombastic ways next week. I worry for Anoop and Lil.


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