Fight Fair – Settle the Score EP

Bands: Enough With the Neon

Bands: Enough With the Neon

On Settle the Score, San Diego quintet Fight Fair have managed to combine pop, punk, hardcore breakdowns and California vibes to produce a fun little eight-song tryst. The songs are short, tight and fun, but at times wildly unnecessary and creative. Listening to some of the mid-song tempo changes and the variety of double-bass breakdown arrangements makes you wonder how exactly their writing process works. Do they throw in a breakdown just for the heck of it to be cool or do they really think the songs warrant the shifts? Either way, the EP is incredibly over-produced with autotune, synths, techno beats and samples, but the record sounds great.

There’s no way the band will be able to play these exact songs live (and there’s proof on youtube) but that’s not the point. I believe that a band should go all out and put every desired polish on their songs while they can to make them sound as best as possible when in the studio. Settle the Score reminds me a lot of Senses Fail’s debut EP From the Depths of Dreams. While the records are different musically, both have an untamed energy and a sense that the band is just going for it, balls out, announcing who they are as a band, and taking no prisoners. I don’t think Fight Fight will save “the scene” (and I hate their image) but they seem to be tapping into everything that’s popular now and this EP is a perfect spin for the summer months.


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