American Idol…AND DISCO

No More Diva

No More Diva

I didn’t write last week because the “judges save” was the lamest made for TV drama and really served no purpose. Like Simon said, Matt could stick around for another week but there’s no way he’d win the competition. As for Disco week, some shined and some fell flat. In the end, Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai were sent packing and I really felt indifferent about the whole thing. It was silly that the contestant were forced to pick songs from a genre that is completely irrelevant but I was glad at least two contestants tried their own interpretations. As for Danny (Mediokey) and Matt, the word cheesy just doesn’t quite explain how awkward and wedding singer their takes were. Voters must have fallen for the cheap begging of Matt’s “Staying Alive” because I have no other answer as to why he lives to sing another day.

It just feels like this season is extremely anti-climactic. The judges have already anointed Adam and Danny as the finalists. Maybe Kris squeaks in there but in the end, does any of this really matter? The top ten are already locked in for a summer tour, most will probably put out records that fall on deaf ears in the coming months and they’ve already gotten all the exposure they need. I know Adam has been the star so far but none of his performances have really really wowed me. Yes, he’s got amazing pipes and has mastered his stage presence. But isn’t the competition all about finding undiscovered talent and watching them grow as singers until they finally explode and make you say “yea, they’re ready.” I feel like everyone already said that about Adam once he made the top 24. Sometimes I just have to watch the clip below and think back to the good old days. Matt Girad makes Blake Lewis look like Michael Jackson. Oh Blake, where are you now?

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  1. i’m still pulling for Danny, though I admit he needs to turn it up a notch at this point in the season

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