Kingston Station

Kingston Station is tucked down a small street/alley in between Boston’s Downtown Crossing and Financial District. Upon entering, there is a nice long bar and front cafe area with a more formal dining area past the bar in the back. White tile on the walls makes the space look like an old subway station with old mirrors and red leather booths. I sat in the front with some friends where the atmosphere was relaxed and allowed us to casually talk while snacking. Solid beers on tap (Blue Moon for me) and a compact American Bistro menu gave the vibe of hip after work spot combined with legit food.

The group started with an appetizer of Truffle Fries (topped with Gruyere, truffle oil and scallions) and they were awesome. Crispy, rich and savory, served with a peppery dipping sauce. So good, that when selecting my main course, I opted for a dish, The Station Burger, with more fries as a side. This might have been a mistake.

The Station Burger was easily the most diesel sandwich on the menu, and even though other more interesting entrees were on the menu, I had to go for the burger with bacon, (more) Gruyere cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and a sunny-side-up egg on brioche. Now this all sounds delicious on paper, and looked great when presented in front of me, but when I took the first bite, it was almost too much. With so many toppings, everything sort of blended together, creating just a mash of substance in my mouth, rather than an explosion of flavor. I got the texture of the egg and scent of bacon but the meat and cheese and everything else was lost. Not too mention I rocked the fries between every other bite. Needless to say, I ate the whole thing and had no complaints besides my over-stuffed stomach ache. By no means was the burger bad, it just might have been a bit excessive to its own detriment.

Our waitress was great and it wasn’t too crowded so we could hear each other talk. I’d certainly go back to Kingston Station but I worry for their location. It will draw the local suits and foodies via word of mouth, but unless you know the neighborhood and where to park/take to the train to, it’s a bit of a hassle.


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