Nice hat. What ya covering up there?

Nice hat. What ya covering up there?

The top 5 Ratpack week was easily the most boring and out of touch theme week of the season. Who cares if these people can sing old standards? As horrible as Tuesday’s show was, I felt a little better when Matt was sent home on Wednesday. The four remaining contestants, Adam, Allison, Danny and Kris, are probably the best top four the show has ever had but as a viewer, I don’t feel a connection with any of them.

One quick tangent; when someone gets voted off, they should be able to choose any song that they’ve sung from the beginning of the show. That way, singers go out on their own terms and viewers aren’t subjected to watching a horrible version of a song that voters obviously didn’t like.

With this week’s Rock & Roll theme wide open and in the wheelhouse for all singers, I’m expecting it to be the best episode yet. Here’s what everyone should sing:

Adam:Somebod to Love” by Queen
One of my all-time favorite songs, this really brings Adam into where he really should be musically. The song can show off his lower register yet fluctuates enough for him to wail. He could really sell the lyrics and if we’re going to compare Adam to anyone it has to be Freddy Mercury.

Allison: So What” by Pink
The comparisons are evident but this song rocks and could really turn Allison into a contender by showing off some cocky confidence and proving she’s not 45 years old.

Danny:With Arms Wide Open” by Creed
Sappy rock ballad? Check. Religious undertones? Check. Terrible song? Check. I still don’t get the fascination with Danny. His tone is unique but he only sings one type of song well, he has no stage presence and he’s exploited his personal life to gain popularity. Hopefully this is Danny’s swan song.

Kris:Satellite” by Dave Matthews
I’m not a Dave Matthews fan but this is a great song. Keeps Kris in the acoustic zone and can show off the falsetto. The only problem would be considering “Satellite” a rock song.


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