La Verdad

I like to consider myself a sandwich connaisseur. I make them well and I eat them better. Now normally the sandwich is kept to the deli crowd but I’ve found a sandwich so good, it’s worth driving to, fighting against Red Sox traffic and waiting in line for over an hour. Not that I did any of that last Thursday, but I would in the future for a Carnitas Torta plate from Ken Oringer’s casual Mexican spot, La Verdad.

I’ve been to the space that La Verdad now occupies before, but now with a Mexican, luche libre theme, the room has been completly transformed. There is a small take-out section in the foyer, an outdoor patio and a main room with tables surrounding a large square bar. We started with some grilled corn on the cob, rubbed with mayonasa, coteja cheese and chile powder. The corn was sweet, not overly charred but maybe a little heavy on the toppings. Still, a new and very good dish.

Moving on to dinner, I went with the carnitas torta and my companion got the Mexican chopped salad, served in a huge puffed tortilla shell. The torta was incredibly deisel–roasted pork, guacamole, refried beans, mayonasam molasses-chipotles and Oaxacan cheese on fresh grilled bread. The bread was crispy yet soft, the mean extra tender and the condiments were excellent comlements, making the sandwich beyond harmonious. My only possible criticism is that the sandwich was incredibly greasy, like see-through-the-bread greasy. I’m not sure whether this could be attributed to me selecting the roasted pork stewed in its own juices (you can also choose chicken, carne asada, hamburger, chorizo, fish or chile relleno) or that yea, the sandwich is fatty regardless of which protein selected. The side of Yucatan slaw cut through some of the richness but the spiced plantain chips, while light and airy, were also sopping with oil, right out of the fryer. I embrace fat, so I loved the sandwich and if I lived closer would get one weekly.


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  1. The Companion

    Totally diagree on the corn! It was not heavy on the toppings, it was prefect

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