New Found Glory Live @ House of Blues Boston

For a pop-punk band made up of five self-proclaimed hardcore kids, it should be no surprise that New Found Glory are much heavier live than on CD. I mean they use freakin’ sub drops on their breakdowns. I’ve seen NFG several times in concert but this most recent show proved that they can juggle their ever growing catlog, give the fans what they want and still put on a raging live show.

The set started off with high anticipation as “let’s get ready to rumble” came over the PA but got off to somewhat of a rocky start vocally for Jordan as the band launched into “Listen to Your Friends.” Jordan has never been the best live singer but the song’s high range and fast delivery hasn’t quite become comfortable for the singer yet. Even though the vocals weren’t on point at the start, the band seemed tighter than ever, ripping through “Understatement,” “Forget My Name,” and “Sincerely Me.” The non-stop hour and a half set had all fast songs and just when you thought the band would slow down the tempo, they rocked into another classic. My favorite section was probably the string of “Tip of the Iceberg,” “Dig My Own Grave,” “Failure’s Not Flattering” (with “Big Poppa” bridge), “Dressed to Kill” and “Don’t Let Her Pull You Down.”

Adding to the enjoyment of the show was the newly renovated House of Blues, formed from the shells of the old Axis and Avalon clubs on Landsdowne St. HOB is now a three level venue with a huge open floor, two balconies, several bars and a much more navigable space. I was midly interested the opening bands but only made it to see Bayside who divered an energic set but in not being familiar with their material, everything sort of sounded the same.

NFG closed the show with a solid encore including a rare treat of an acoustic “Too Good To Be.” As the last notes of “My Friends Over You” rang out (with the help of one lucky fan that got on stage), it was clear that NFG were the reigning kings of pop punk and have successfully taken the agressive energy of Not Without a Fight and transferred it to the stage.

Full Setlist: Listen To Your Friends, Understatement, At Least I’m Known For Something, Forget My Name, Right Where We Left Off, All Downhill From Here, Sincerely Me, Glory of Love, Truck Stop Blues, Truth of My Youth, Something I Call Personality, Hold My Hand, Tip of The Iceberg, Dig My Own Grave, Failure’s Not Flattering, Dressed To Kill, Don’t Let Her Pull You Down, Hit or Miss, Don’t You (Forget About Me), E: Better Off Dead, Head On Collision, Too Good To Be, Intro, My Friends Over You

***Not my videos. Just grabbed off YouTube. The electric solo on “Too Good” almost was awesome. Almost.


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