Chin up, Daughtry came in fourth too!

Chin up, Daughtry came in fourth too!

It’s disapointing to say goodbye to Allison. Although I wasn’t a fan of her braty-teen personality, the girl could sing better than most women twice her age (and Lady Gaga). What we’re now left with is three dudes, all with different styles and really no clue as to who is the front runner.

Adam is clearly the best singer and his Led Zepplin romp was sweet (Jimmy Page–just take Adam out on the big bucks reunion tour) but he’s over the top and probably too flamboyant for the red states. Kris is pretty middle of the road with his acoustic rock but it feels like he’s predestined to be the third wheel this week. Then there’s Danny, who should have been sent home last night for shattering windows across America with whatever he was trying to do at the end of “Dream On.” Danny has been the sentimental favorite all along with the wife angle, the judge’s neverending praise and the whole Jesus love thing. I just don’t get it.

If I were a judge, here’s what I’d pick for them to sing this week:

Adam: “Somebody to Love” by Queen. Ok, I know I wanted him to sing this last week but can you think of a more perfect song? Maybe he’s avoiding the whole Freddy Mercury comparrison but he should be flattered. Could any other contestant sing the lead and background vocals in the same song? It kinda sucks that Allison almost sang it last week so I’m thinking it might be off the table personally, but if the judges were smart, they’d pick it for him. Then he could go off the deep end on his own choice. Let’s do this Adam!

(Awesome live performance by Queen. Favorite part– the Heineken on Freddy’s piano. How has this not turned into an add for the beer?)

Danny: “Jesus is Just Alright” by The Doobie Brothers. Too easy. The song is mildly uptempo, has Jesus in the title and people will recognize it from the radio. There’s no real melody or anything interesting about the song, I just think Danny should just come right out and pander to the Christians.

Kris: “Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews. I know I suggested “Sattelite” last week but again, this just makes sense. Keeps Kris with his acoustic guitar and if he just keep it solo without any cheesy instrumentation, he could really have a moment with this (semi-modern) ballad.


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