American Idol: Adam vs. Kris



The somewhat surprising (yet correct) final showdown between Adam and Kris is set for next week. Like most weeks, I’ve been happier seeing contestants voted off than move on, and Danny was no exception. Paula completely screwed him with the “Dance Little Sister” pick, then he tried to over compensate with “You Are So Beautiful,” a great Joe Cocker ballad that he turned into preachy, string-drenched schmaltz. It almost became offensive that he (and the Idol producers) continued to exploit his deceased wife and religious leanings. So long Danny; take a look at Taylor Hicks now and envision your future. Shit, and he won!

Kris obviously gained votes by going current on both the judge’s pick and his own selection. I didn’t think “Apologize” was nearly as bad as the judges made it sound, but thought “Heartless” was wayyy overrated. Never has a white guy with an acoustic guitar made a rap cover cool. Reminded me of a college frat boy playing at a coffee house open mic. Randy Jackson is insane to call Kris’ version better than Kanye’s original. Yes, he took a risk and it paid off, but I think it would have been more interesting if he kept it as a slow ballad instead of speeding up the tempo at the verses.

Then there was Adam, who has dominated every week (except for “Ring of Fire”). Despite the producer’s forced drama of putting him in the bottom group for the past few weeks, there was really little doubt that he’d make the finals. After his “Whole Lotta Love” performance it didn’t really matter if Adam advanced or won. He’ll soon be a millionaire and whether he wins the show or not. I really liked “One” but thought he should have built up a little more before he unleashed his signature wail. The choice of “Cryin'” was almost too easy and safe. He handily showed up Danny’s previous Aerosmith attempt and was solid vocally, but I guess I was a little disapointed because my expectations were too high.

The Adam vs. Kris should be fun to watch but these two part American Idol finales tend to just recap the whole season and many of the performances are retreads. I won’t crap on my thesis for next week but at least the two most deserving people are facing off.


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