The Ticketmaster Monopoly

Yesterday, Green Day tickets went on sale for their show in Boston. Because I was away from my computer, I called Ticketmaster to try to get tickets. After a few minutes on hold, I was connected to the operator and said I would like two best available tickets at any price level. She then told me those tickets would be in the nose bleed upper deck of the Garden on the side. Disappointed and confused, I said thanks but no thanks and hung up the phone. I know Ticketmaster is a horrible corporate greedy company but never have I been directly effected by their business practices. Sure, Celtics tickets are impossible to get but I just accepted that fact after they won the championship. But when a band I really like comes to town and is playing in a venue way preferable to the lame Comcast Center in Mansfield, I feel entitled to be able to purchase decent tickets, three minutes after they go on sale. The video below might help to explain things a little quicker:

ESPN E:60 on Ticket Scam
(Sorry, WP won’t let me embed ESPN video) I understand why this happens. I’m not naive and get that pretty much everything in the world is about money. Heck, if I was running Ticketmaster, I’d probably adopt the same business model. I don’t blame bands, venues or even the scalpers on the corner outside the shows. Sure, I could still go to the show, sit up in the balcony and probably have a good time watching the best band in the world. I probably sound like a broken record, whining about a problem that has existed for many years. You can read about those troubles HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. The point is I’m a man of principle and it’s just not right. With the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger, chances are that if you want to buy tickets for anyting–sports, concerts, comedy, theatre, etc.–you’ll be dealing with this monopoly in the near future. Yes Billie Joe, I know my enemy, and his name is THE MAN.


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