Adam Lambert is Gay? No F’ing Way!

I don’t subscribe to Rolling Stone, but look what the mailman delivered today: 05_Flatbed_1 - JUNE

Look at that cover. Pure rock and roll. The clothes, the facial expression, the freakin’ python on his crotch! Have we already forgotten that Adam didn’t win American Idol? Like I said before, winning doesn’t even matter– he’s already on the cover of one of the biggest music magazines in the world! Oh, and I guess he comes out of the closet in the article. Big effing deal. It’s sad that we care more about his personal life than his future music career. I liked that Adam kept his sexuality out of the picture during Idol. He didn’t talk about it because he didn’t need to. I find it hard to believe that America even questioned his sexuality in the first place after watching his theatrical and flamboyant performances. But like I said before, it’s probably why he didn’t win Idol. People knew, they just didn’t want to confront it.

Well, now it’s out there and everyone can move on. With the right songs and band, Adam could be the next Frankie Mercury. Hopefully he’ll soar to new heights and people will talk more about his professional accomplishments than his sexual preferences.  And most likely then, we won’t even remember who the hell Kris Allen was anyways.


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