BREAKING: Jon & Kate Have an Annoucement

This is hilarious yet absurd. Flipping through the channels last night I saw a commercial for a “special episode” of Jon & Kate Plus 8 where they roll sincere voice overs and meaningful imagery of how the couple has grown apart and have made tough decisions about the future. You can watch this commercial on the TLC website or below. Kudos to TLC for absolutely sucking ever last drop of hype out of this mundane and unnecessary show. After the premiere episode, the show has basically scrambled to produce watchable content and have settled on cross promoting with other popular shows like Ace of Cakes and American Choppers. (Oooh! The kids decorate a cake! Motorcycles! Wow!)

So now that the couple have an “announcement,” it seems like this is the last hurrah for the marriage, the show and the kids. At this point, everyone expects the separation or divorce statement, but if TLC and the Gosselin’s were smart, they will announce that they have reconciled, found Christ and that the show has been renewed for five more years. Even if they put up a front for the cameras, viewers are stupid and will believe anything you tell them, especially if you play the Jesus card. Seriously, someone prayed for Jon & Kate in the comments section of my last post. Expect huge ratings for Monday’s show and even more hype/fallout next week.

I could care less what happens with this show or Jon & Kate, but I have learned one thing from TLC; write more about Jon & Kate because my last post on the topic is currently my most read piece to date. Thanks for the hits, suckers!



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2 responses to “BREAKING: Jon & Kate Have an Annoucement

  1. Amanda

    i can’t believe people will tune into this stuff… and this is from someone who is amused by RW/RR Challenge The Duel

  2. JC

    Single Kate Plus 8 will be a huge success!!

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