The Aggrolites – IV

Put down the bong and put on your dancing shoes

Put down the bong and put on your dancing shoes

Hey white people, there’s more to reggae than just Bob Marley’s Legend. Meet The Aggrolites.

I don’t have dreads or smoke weed, but I do appreciate solid music. The Aggrolites blend soul, reggae and ska to crank out 21 toe-tapping jams on their latest album IV, proving you don’t have to be from Jamaica to get down. The album is refreshing, with straight forward grooves and classic melodies. The organ is the star of the record, injecting bright notes and smooth beds on which the upstrokes fly.

IV is the perfect party record. People can either dance and have fun with it or just chill while it plays on the stereo in the background. The lyrics are good but almost inconsequential to me since the tone of vocalist Jesse Wagner is always on point and he never brings any of the songs down. Sure the songs start to sound repetitive by track fifteen, but what do you expect from a reggae band? The songs are still fresh and more interesting than hearing “Poker Face” three times in an hour on the radio.

Sample their songs on MySpace or iTunes and if you’re feeling them, pick up IV, invite some friends over and fire up the grill.

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