Underrated: Frozen Vegetables

Buy frozen, but never name-brand!

Buy frozen, but never name-brand!

You know what’s underrated? Frozen vegetables! No longer are we victims of seasonality; vegetables are available year-round in your grocer’s freezer, and you’d be surprised at the variety nowadays. Sure, they’re not as good as fresh, organic, locally grown produce, but I’m not a rich snob, and it’s a better option than French fries every night. We all know we need to eat our vegetables, and going the bagged frozen route is an easy way to be healthy and creative. Basically everything comes frozen now–peas and corn, Brussels sprouts, Asian medleys, broccoli, long beans, squash, peppers, etc.– and you should be excited about it. Grab the veggies out of your freezer, throw them in a pan, add a little oil and seasoning and you’ve got a perfect dinner side. Get creative and incorporate them into Indian curries or roasts. Stir-frys, pasta meisels, chicken pot pie filling–all made easier with frozen vegetables. They cut down on prep time, spending and your waste line.

Next time you’re in the freezer isle debating which Ben & Jerry’s flavor to get (Dublin Mudslide or Half Baked?), make sure to stop by the frozen vegetables section and make your mom happy.


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  1. JC

    Although Peas and Carrots are my Frozen favi… lets not forget about the Italian Combo or Carrots!

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