Maine Diner

Very Diesel.

Very Diesel.

There’s a fine line between a tourist trap and a kitschy place that is genuinely good. After one visit, I think the Maine Diner in Wells, ME falls on the latter side. The Route 1 roadside eatery is your typical dinner–a nice long counter, vinyl booths and constantly bustling. The Diner takes great pride in its history and famous vacationing clientele, who are prominently featured on their menu, and in signed photos on the walls. This would normally be a sign of an overrated establishment, using the cache of their customers to boost their rep, but the Maine Diner delivers on solid food and service that makes anyone feel like a star.

The Diner is in Maine and specializes in several lobster dishes so it’s a pretty obvious pick to go with the Lobster Roll or Pie. The roll can go two ways: traditional, served cold with mayo or hot with melted butter on a roll. I opted for traditional and was presented with an awesome, lightly grilled hot dog bun stacked with lobster. Some people pick at the excess with a fork, I go for it all an cram the whole roll into my mouth. Yea, this is how it should be. Not too much mayo, a tiny bit of seasoning, and a lonely piece of romaine lining the bun.

The Diner also has a full menu of breakfast favorites, salads, sandwiches, entrees and desserts, all of which I’d love to try on my next visit. I recommend going at off hours and off season if possible. The Maine Diner is famous and just because it’s not a tourist trap, doesn’t mean tourists don’t appreciate good food.


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