Overrated: Ranch Dressing

Not Diesel.

Not Diesel.

You know what’s overrated? Ranch Dressing! There’s nothing particularly bad about ranch dressing, but there’s nothing special about the condiment either. It’s creamy and familiar, but the dressing has no texture, is too peppery and tends to overpower any dish you combine it with.

When I think of all the salad dressings and dipping agents of the world–blue cheese, Caesar, creative vinaigrettes, Russian, Italian–they are all superior to Ranch. When a server rambles off the list of salad dressing options at a restaurant, Ranch is rarely a route I select. I must be missing something. Southern people put the shit on everything. Throw it on a burger, dip for onion rings, alone as soup with vegetables–find me something Southerners wouldn’t slather with ranch dressing and I’ll show you something inedible.

Don’t even get me started with Buffalo wings. If you opt for ranch over blue cheese, than stop reading and never come back. I can make an exception for Cool Ranch Doritos, but my generosity stops there.


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2 responses to “Overrated: Ranch Dressing

  1. To be honest, I’ve never seen as much use of ranch dressing in the South as up here in New England. But then, I’m from really far South.

  2. Amanda

    A certain friend of ours, whose name rhymes with Karen, puts ranch dressing on his pizza!

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