Bonecrusher Brews: Another Round



First off, congratulations to the Bonecrusher himself for welcoming a new son to the world today. But now, the serious stuff. For the past several months I have had the privilege to take part in an experimental “bottles for beers” program sponsored by Bonecrusher Brews. Even though mini-kegs have entered the equation, old school bottles are still required for final step of home brewing and I’m more than happy to contribute.

The great part about Bonecrusher Brews is that they are constantly experimenting and producing new batches of creative beers. Some people like their beer to taste like water (Domestic Light), but I demand flavor. Luckily, Bonecrusher hasn’t pigeon-holed themselves into only one style of brew. They continue to try different styles and brewing methods to produce an above average libation. Below is a rundown of the latest and greatest from the brewery.

Hefeweizen Heimer

The brew officially commissioned by The Diesel after a hasty anti-UCONN bet made by the Bonecrusher. Smooth, clear and tastes like victory. Limited batch.

Monk Beer

Definitely the most unique of all the beers produced by BcB. Deep amber color, smooth going down, but a very strong finish on the palate. Solid.

Black Eye

It’s hard to tell the difference between the Black Eye Lager and Presidential Stout. Each is extremely dark and heavy but the lager is slightly more bitter. This beer would taste great on a fall day with a huge bowl of beef stew.

Lemon Wheat

Sam Who? While this beer is comparable to a Summer Ale, the lack of grains of paradise makes the BcB offerring lighter and better on the back end. I think this is leader in the clubhouse.

Perfect Pilsner

It’s hard to argue with the name of this beer. I don’t normally drink pilsners, but the floral aroma given by the dry hops made this one extra flavorful. Execute the perfect pour for an awesome head.


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