Blink-182 Live aka The Travis Barker Show

Blink-182 has never been a great live band. But they don’t really have to be. They write and play three-minute pop-punk songs and rock them out as fast and hard as they can. Blink has always been about fun, sophomoric humor and giving the crowd what they want. And some five years since their last tour, they still know how to deliver.

Blink ran through their catalog from Cheshire Cat to Untitled. All the hits were eaten up by the crowd and the band even treated fans to rarities like “Josie” and “Not Now.”  Somewhere along the line during their hiatus Mark Hoppus learned to sing and actually hit the majority of his notes. Tom Delonge on the other hand, regressed, spending most of the concert moaning, groaning, slurring and butchering his vocal parts. It’s evident he can sing from the records, but why he doesn’t even try in concert is a mystery. The band actually played everything in time (with a few miscues from Delonge) with Travis Barker carrying the band with his energy and swagger.

Travis behind the drums easily got the biggest ovation. Arguably the best drummer in the world, Barker owned his kit, going hard for two hours with non-stop beats and fills. I could watch him play a practice pad all night. The idiot camera man needs a refresher on some Blink tracks though because every time a huge solo or fill would come up in a song, he would cut to Travis on the jumbotron a second too late or cut away just as he was going into the section.

Openers Fall Out Boy were just as horrible as I expected them to be. As Jenn commented, “it sounded like a high school battle of the bands.” Yes, Patrick Stump is an excellent singer and their records are very catchy, but Fall Out Boy as a live band is an embarrassment. The biggest cheer of their set came from a half-assed cover of “Don’t Stop Believing.” That song is so fucked out.

Blink has another couple months of touring and I’d certainly recommend seeing them for nostalgia sake if nothing else. There are possibilities of a new record and with this tour being so successful so quickly, it will be hard to ignore the potential money on the table. But I get the feeling Delonge will be in full Angels & Airwaves mode once the tour wraps (he’s already wearing a Love shirt on stage). Enjoy Blink while you can.

[I once again left the Comcast Center before the encore because I’d rather die than be stuck in that parking lot with 20,000 other cars. anyways, I know I missed “Carousel,” “Dammit (Growing Up)” and Travis’ hip-hop spinning solo. Not completely heartbreaking, especially with something called YouTube. Video of Mr. Barker below.]


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