Overrated: Songs About Independent Women

You know what’s overrated? Songs about independent women! Now, there’s nothing wrong with females actually being independent, but don’t you think we have enough songs praising this one characteristic? I feel like if your a female artist singing about independence, the song becomes a celebration about self-empowerment and strength. (See: Beyonce, above, and Destiny’s Child). But if you’re a guy singing about woman’s independence, it’s a back handed compliment because, yea it’s awesome that women do their own thing, have their own money and possess self-confidence, but really what it means is that men are glad they don’t have to support you financially and emotionally, 24/7. (See: Ne-yo).

I just think we need to cool it with the ‘Miss Independent’ themed jams. There are already tons out there, and they’re pretty much all re-treads of whatever came before set to a new beat. “Single Ladies” is an awesome song and I don’t think Beyonce can top it, so now’s a great time to put a moratorium on her bread and butter. Now if she wanted to start singing about independent men, I’d be all for it. More video evidence after the jump.


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One response to “Overrated: Songs About Independent Women

  1. Amanda

    I know Im late on this comment but I love this post and that it calls attention to the fact that all this love of “independent women” is really just patronizing junk.

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