Michael Vick is back in the NFL

Let's change the "wildcat" to the "rabid dog"

Let's change the "wildcat" to the "rabid dog"

Michael Vick signed a contract to play football with the Philadelphia Eagles this year. There you go, now everyone can stop talking about this.

Look, I know Vick is (was?) a star in the NFL but how is his crime worse than that of Donte Stallworth who killed a man while driving drunk? Vick did 18 months, Stallworth did 24 days.

I’m tired of the self-righteous assholes who think the life of an animal is more important than that of a human being. So you’re telling me that if someone held a gun up to a family member or Fido and you had to pick who’d live, you’d rather off the person? Is dog fighting really the most heinous crime in the world? I know what Vick did was HORRIBLE and WRONG and UPSETTING, but the man has served his sentence and appears to be a changed man. This country loves a second chance so I still don’t understand the continued outrage. I have a Saint Bernard, I like dogs and would never intentionally hurt an animal. Yet, I don’t despise Vick. I really don’t care.

Dog fighting is something 75% of America will never understand. It is an activity ingrained into the fabric of southern urban cities and is a reality very few are ever exposed to. It doesn’t make it right, but to vilify Vick without understanding his past point of view and upbringing is wrong.

If you were brought up from very young always eating Frosted Flakes, loving Frosted Flakes, sharing the cereal with all your friends and no one ever telling you it was unhealthy or wrong to eat–in fact people around you encouraged to keep eating Frosted Flakes–how would you feel if one day you were arrested for eating the cereal, lost your job, thrown in jail and turned into public enemy number one?

Michael Vick is a great football player and I think he will succeed with the Eagles in whatever form they use him. I hope Vick keeps his word when he says he wants to be a public role mode, work with the humane society and turn his life around. Dog fighting is ugly and real, but unfortunately I think there are a lot bigger issues in the world right now that could use people’s attention, maybe murders, drugs, wars, financial crisis…?

Just watch, as soon as Vick scores a game-winning touchdown or has a 50-yard highlight run or wins Philly the Super Bowl, all the hate will turn into love. There are countless examples of villains that have come before Vick and there will undoubtedly be more after him. It’s time to put this all behind us and get down to the real question–where does Vick go in your fantasy draft?


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