Overrated: The Phrase “In This Economy”

You know what’s overrated? The phrase “in this economy!”

Hey everyone, WE GET IT. The economy sucks. It’s been like this for over two years. I think the American public understands the financial crisis we’re battling. We don’t need news anchors, hosts, writers, ads and overall general douche bags prefacing every thought and sentence with the phrase. It’s like the new fortune cookie game but instead of “in bed” we’re now “in this economy.”

With anything anyone says these days I think it’s understood that the “in this economy” tag is implied. “I need to watch my 401(k).” “It’s really hard to find a job.” “Less and less people are buying NBA season tickets.” I think these examples are pretty clear. It’s like, I don’t say ‘my huge Saint Bernard.’ It’s a fucking Saint Bernard; of course the dog is massive. Until Obama hops in the phone booth and saves the world, I think it’s clear that our economy is screwed, so stop reminding us. You’re not helping the situation. Instead, do what you’re paid to do and distract us from the grim reality that is our economy.

***Major props to The Full Ginsburg for the video above. I wrote this little piece first, then did a lazy search looking for a potential image to go with it. Instead, I found this awesome video that was made back in April that pretty much sums up everything. So if this video was made back in April, I think you can imagine how worse it’s gotten four months later.  ***


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  1. JC

    This is a pretty good article…. in this economy

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