The World Hates Brett Favre

Another worthless jersey.

Another worthless jersey.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Brett Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings yesterday and is already slated to start their next preseason game. Favre will get $12 million this year guaranteed if he takes one snap and $13 million if he plays next year. [ED. now up to $20 mil in 2010 according to reports] With this latest move, Favre has cemented his place as the most selfish athlete of all-time.

Sure there are diva athletes that are all about themselves, their money and personal stats, but Favre’s selfishness goes beyond on-field antics. This is like the fourth year in a row where he has threatened to retire, strung the media along and at the eleventh hour, decides to return. The charade has gotten old and finally it feels like everyone is sick of him, especially Green Bay fans.

There are two points here that matter: Brett Favre is a pussy and the Vikings will still not make the playoffs.

I’ve never understood the media fascination with Favre. Country boy, just having fun out there on the field. He was decent for Green Bay and won them a championship, but like so many athletes before him, he didn’t know when to say goodbye. He was addicted to pain killers, had marital problems, exploited his wife’s battle with cancer, pouted when the Packers made the right football decision to go young with Aaron Rodgers and will only play on his terms. By all accounts he’s a horrible teammate [ED. and show’s his dick to hot women via cell phone]. He thinks he’s above going to training camp and he thinks that he can get by with the “aw-shucks” attitude. HE ALREADY SAID HE WOULDN’T PLAY THIS YEAR! How are we to trust anything this guy ever says and does? His ego is more inflated than his passer rating and sports media continues to feel it will 24/7 coverage, helicopter stalking and constant stroking of his balls. The idea that this is some revenge tour and how he’s going to show Green Bay that he still has gas in his tank is pathetic. Favre has ruined his legacy as a QB and I hope Green Bay never retires his number.

More importantly, Favre’s arrival to Minnesota doesn’t mean shit. Favre is old, an injury risk and is coming off surgery (not to mention already having a torn rotator cuff). The gunslinger led the league in interceptions last year! How is this overlooked? Favre completely choked for the Jets last year against the Dolphins, costing them a playoff spot. The Vikings need a QB who can hand the ball off to Peterson, not turn the ball over and complete easy passes on third and six. I think Sage Rosenfels could have done perfectly fine for them. I don’t blame Sage for being pissed. It’s proven that you don’t need a top tier QB to win. Manage the game, have a strong running game and don’t turn the ball over. I can’t wait for the first time Favre throws a pic on a deep post to Bernard Berrian because it was under-thrown by fifteen yards.

I love that everyone’s calling out the Vikings and their coach Childress for mismanaging the whole situation. People need to get called out more. I guarantee that if the Vikes came out and said, “We want Favre whenever he’s ready. Tavaris Jackson sucks and was a huge bust. Sage is OK but did you see that three-turnover ending for the Texans last year? Favre’s our guy. We’ll overpay him when he’s done jerkin it in Mississippi” then no one would blame them for this.

Expectations are now higher than ever for the Vikings and Favre but their team chemistry will suffer and in the end they’ll just be another 10-6 team out of the playoffs. The best thing that could happen will be a season ending injury in the first game a-la Tom Brady last year. That way, we won’t have to hear about him for another year and we can start this suicidal cycle all over again next summer.



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5 responses to “The World Hates Brett Favre

  1. Big Sexy

    Don’t need a top-tier QB to win? Are you nuts? Look at the teams that have won it all – they’re the ones with the best players behind center. Favre is obviously a tool, but he makes the Vikings a better team. And the only reason he blew it last year with the Jets is because he first helped them get into a position to make the playoffs. Sorry Diesel, but you’re off on this one.

  2. Dale

    Just wondering what you have to say now? 11-2 playoff bound!!!!

  3. Farve has proven he can manage the team and set his ego aside. He has played well. I still dislike him as a person though.

  4. Dale

    Fair enough, could care less about him as a person as long as he continues to play well…..

  5. Bob

    Favre is the most obnoxious, overrated pussy ever to play any sport. What a loser. Green Bay should NOT retire his number.

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