Underrated: Market Basket Rotisserie Chicken

Set it and forget it!

Set it and forget it!

You know what’s underrated? Market Basket Rotisserie Chicken! The super market cranks out the birds in their industrial ovens and sells them for only $3.99! A whole chicken, awesomely brined and seasoned then roasted to sweet tenderness for only four bucks? Please find me a better deal.

Why would I want to buy a whole raw chicken for seven dollars when I can buy a cooked one for three dollars cheaper? The Market Basket chicken ultimately tastes better and takes all the effort out of preparing the meal. You can pick one up fresh for dinner and have leftovers, or de-bone the bird and use the meat in dishes, sandwiches and salads all week.

You can’t even get a decent sandwich at McDonald’s for four dollars. This is what is fascinating about poor people, obesity and our country. For under five dollars you could feed a family for a night or yourself for the week. It’s cheap, healthy and easy. The Market Basket Rotisserie Chicken is a great deal and there’s no excuse not to feast on it often.



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7 responses to “Underrated: Market Basket Rotisserie Chicken

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  2. Pingback: Underrated: Market Basket Rotisserie Chicken « CHEF DIESEL « Market Basket On The Web « My DeMoulas

  3. Amber

    They taste awesome, but recently had to stop buying them as they are loaded with sodium and fat (even the breast). Buy a raw chicken and cook it so you know what goes in to it. They are also $4.69 now, with tax it can get over $5 anyway.

  4. chefdiesel

    I agree that the price has gone up, but probably because of the popularity! The flavor is in the brine, hence the sodium, but still, at $4.69 it’s cheaper than any other competitor and easier than buying raw and using your time to achieve the same result.

  5. Wes

    I think if you remove the skin, then you should be pretty safe on the fat content. Chef ?

  6. CHris

    I pick up a roasted chicken once a week. Was delicious up until about 5 weeks ago. They brine them now in way too much salt so I have to stop buying them. I told someone twice but they don’t seem to care because it isn’t changing.

  7. Darci Kendall

    Love Market Basket Chicken moist not dry price it right .

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