Pepe’s White Clam Pizza

As detailed in the previous Pepe’s post, they make awesome pizza. And while my first experience at Pepe’s was excellent, it almost felt incomplete without having sampled their famous white clam pizza. Well, I now feel whole after this past weekend’s trip to Mohegan Sun.

Pepe’s was extremely hard to find within the casino and because it is so new, signage had not been updated for directions. It’s in the Casino of the Earth to the right of the Wolf Den. Your welcome. Anyways, a small white clam pizza was ordered and consumed just as quickly. The dough–crispy yet chewy. Tons of garlic. Tender clams. The perfect snack. As Pepe’s expands, it’s good to see that they’re keeping the business in the family and replicating their original massive coal burning oven in all locations.

I don’t think I’d prefer the white clam to other possible tomato-based combinations, but it is tasty and a nice alternative.


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