Belated DVR Musings on the VMAs

We can talk all day about how MTV doesn’t play actual videos anymore, but despite that fact, the channel continues to produce the Video Music Awards. I didn’t watch the show live but I DVR’d it and watched it sans commercials. Sure Kayne might have stole the morning headlines but  several other story lines proved way more interesting.



Lady Gaga — OK. How has this hack released four singles off her album? The combination of her outfits and her “performance” made me wish she hung herself for real. There’s a difference between “an artist” and some insane attention seeking whore who’s just trying to push buttons. Hey Gaga, you ARE NOT Madonna.

Green Day — Still rock. There performance of “East Jesus Nowhere” makes me regret missing them on their most recent tour. And really, what other band could pull out an anti-religious, non single album cut to play at arguably the biggest awards show of the year?

Kanye West — Does his behavior really come as a surprise? At this point you have to expect it, right? Yea, it was rude and produced a super-awkward moment for Taylor Swift once he said his piece, but all things considered, Mr. West was fairly tame. He should have picked his spot better but what do you suspect after half a bottle of Hennessey?

Pink — WTF? I like ya and all but the trapeze act? And why did she sing a depressing “Sober?”

Beyonce — I’m one of the biggest fan of “Single Ladies” but I think her performance dragged on a little. The song is a great two-minute jam to dance to, but is too repetitive for an awards show production. On the other hand, she really showed class and her professionalism (and PR savvy) by letting Taylor Swift come back out and have her moment. HOWEVER…”Single Ladies” won for Video of the Year but lost Best Female Video and Best Pop Video. WTF? If something is the best overall, it has to be the best in every lesser category. MTV, we realize you’re trying to spread the wealth and make everyone happy, but this just seems silly.

Jay-Z — I understand the show was at Radio City and Jay-Z is from Brooklyn but “Empire State of Mind” seemed a little anti-climactic for the show closer. “Run This Town” seemed way more fitting especially with Kanye and Rihanna. No hate for Hova though. He’s still the best in the game.

The whole show was much more enjoyable on fast forward. Nothing too outrageous though, which is slightly disappointing. Russell Brand kinda sucked for a second year in a row, but hey MTV, third times a charm right? Now, back to The Hills and The City.


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