Fantasy Tuesday

It’s been proven that men’s moods on Tuesdays are directly correlated to how their fantasy team(s) performed over the weekend. I am in a good mood today.

Fantasy Update
Both my pay league teams (Atkinson Bernards and Carmel Sundae) prevailed victorious. The Bernards had a solid performance from Tom Brady but were helped more by my opponents’ players shitting the bed. I had to sweat it out more with Carmel Sundae. I was up by 15 going into the late Monday night game with my opponent starting Phillip Rivers. Luckily, Rivers only scored 12 points. Pitino’s Abortion got blown out. Already, I really don’t care about that team and my goal will be to pull off some stupid trade.

Adrian Peterson showed that yes, he should have been the number one overall pick and that Drew Brees will be the league’s most prolific passer. The Eagles’ defense was really the star of the weekend though, scoring (me) 35 points! Whatever defense is playing Jake Delhomme should be an automatic start.

Matt Schuab, Andre Johnson, Steven Jackson, Jay Cutler, Michael Turner. There were several disappointments from highly rated players. The good thing though, is that it’s only week one and it’s a long season. Stick with your money guys and they’ll pan out.

Real NFL Notes
I watched the Jets/Texans game and was impressed by the Jets’ defense. Rex Ryan has really amped that squad up and could really do some damage in the AFC East. The true test will be next week against the Patriots. Speaking of, the Pats were handed a gift of a win from the Bills, but watching the end of that game, you just had the sickening feeling that Brady would somehow win that game and the announcers would drop to their knees. Cutler choked but will probably get better and the Cardinals continue the tradition of the post-Super Bowl slide. This is only the beginning. Football is good.

Diesel Play of the Week
You have to feel for the way the Bengals lost their game. But you know, they are the Bengals. Probably the luckiest play and most improbable ending we’ll see all year. Just listening to Gus Johnson on the call is reason enough to make this the Diesel Play of the Week.


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