Brand New – Daisy

Whoa, their artwork is like, so artsy!

Whoa, their artwork is like, so artsy!

I really don’t know what to think anymore about Brand New anymore. Their new, much-hyped album Daisy is streaming over on their Myspace page, and well, let’s just say that they’ve “progressed” again. After one listen, Daisy is very hard to digest. The songs are unpolished, dark and thrive on chaos. From everything I’ve read, this is the direction the band wanted to go in. I’m all for bands being selfish and creating music for themselves, but I think this time it’s almost become obnoxious–almost as bad as the fanatics who inexplicably eat up everything Brand New does.

Gone are the four chord progressions, the clever storytelling and poppy melodies–basically everything I liked about Brand New’s first two albums (Your Favorite Weapon and Deja Entendu). Their evolution doesn’t really come as a surprise if you listen back to their catalog. After The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me was released in 2007, they could have gone two ways: the Radiohead route with stupid effects and dissonant noises polluting their songs (as seen on “Limousine,” or the Green Day way, creating massive pop hits with amazing music and lyrics (as seen on “Not the Sun” and “Archers”). Naturally, they added another guitarist and opted to become hipster heroes.

What we’re left with is Daisy, a culmination of hype and arrogance, in a package that is just not fun to listen to. Supposedly guitarist Vin Accardi wrote most of the material on the album, with singer/guitarist Jesse defaulting to him because ‘he could say things in a way that Jesse couldn’t.” Bullshit. Hearing Lacey shred his voice repeatedly on each track with atonal screams is like cooking filet Mignon well-done. Lacey is excellent lyricist. He should write everything. This just seems lazy.

I’m all set with Daisy. The peeps over on AbsolutePunk can stroke each other over the album. One stream on MySpace was plenty for me. It’s sad seeing such great potential wasted.


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