Fantasy Tuesday

The more I get involved with fantasy football, the more I appreciate the game of football. I used to like the Raiders because they were my team back in the day with Techmo Super Bowl, and I still do somewhat identify myself as a fan of theirs, but fantasy football has taught me to root for individual players, rather than specific teams, and as a result, I enjoy watching more games. I actually look forward to Cardinals vs. Colts or Dallas vs. Carolina. My interest in these games is purely for fantasy reasons, but I’d argue this makes any game watchable, even teams like St. Louis and Tampa Bay.

The problem with my ability to watch anything now, is that fans are subjected to regional television scheduling. I had the pleasure of being stuck with two games this past Sunday: Falcons vs. Patriots and Chargers vs. Miami. Both these games sucked to watch. There were at least seven other games going on that I would have rather watched. I know I could get DirectTV or go to a bar but I just don’t understand why networks just don’t air the best games. They do it during March Madness, constantly switching between great finishes but the NFL is content to let its fans suffer through boring football with our eyes glued to the score ticker. When we’re lucky, they break in for an update but nine out of ten times the play is irrelevant. It seems like NBC is the only network who has it right seeing as they can pick which games they want to air as part of the “flex schedule” later in the year. The local blackout rules are just as ridiculous. Anyways…

The Teams
I’m 2-1 across the board with all three teams. The Abortion is riding a nice two game win streak with my other pay leagues splitting. I need money not friends so I’m trying to pull off a trade: Tom Brady and LT for Matt Schaub and Frank Gore. Trigger has not yet been pulled by the other team. Who doesn’t make this trade?

Maurice Jones-Drew was the BMOC this week, shredding the Texans. Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers also had nice games at the QB position. You know who didn’t have a good game? Drew Brees. Saints still looks solid but no TDs against Buffalo? That had to have hurt Brees owners this week. I think it’s safe to say from here on out that you start anyone who is playing Detroit (congrats on the win), St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Tennessee, Cleveland or Kansas City.

Play of the Week

I hate Brett Favre. This fact is clearly documented. But I will give it to the old gunslinger that his game winning throw against the Niners was pretty sweet. Awesome throw, even better catch. Enjoy the glory Sydney Rice. This will probably be as good as it gets for you. Sure, the Vikings won and this whole Favre debacle is now justified but the Vikings should have lost that game and the real test will be this coming Monday night versus the Packers. Avoid ESPN until two seconds before kick-off to save yourself. BIGGEST STORY EVER.


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