Fantasy Tuesday



The NFL is probably the most anal sports league when it comes to uniform policies. Players routinely get fined for the wrong color shoes, too high of socks, wearing a Jason mask during warm-ups. Basically things are a little ridiculous and ultimately the NFL looks like the almighty dictator ruling from Mount Pious. However, this past weekend the NFL decided to loosen its belt and show support for breast cancer awareness, allowing players and coaches to rock the neon pink in every way possible. From cleats to towels to wrist bands to hat brims, real men wore pink on Sunday. I don’t support women wearing pink studded replica jerseys but if the NFL wants to help raises awareness for a great cause, I’m all for it.

The Teams
My worst week so far going 1-2. Carmel Sunday improved to 3-1 behind a strong performance of Calvin Johnson and Carson Palmer, leaving me tied for first in the league. The Abortion got blown out but the Bernards had a chance going into the Monday night game leading by a single point facing only Donald Driver. I was still up by one point at the half and things looks possible, but when I woke up, I had lost by 4 with Driver getting his catches in Green Bay’s comeback attempt. I had Marion Barber (coming off an injury) on my bench and if I started him and his 12 points, I would have won. Ah, the pain and second guessing that comes with fantasy football.

For yet another week, a defense, specifically the 49ers, was my high scorer across three teams with 33 (!) points. It must be nice to have the Rams in your division. Rashard Mendenhall also had a huge game for the Steelers with the Giants combo of Manning and Smith coming up huge against the Chiefs. Another down game for Drew Brees against the legit Jets D, which isn’t that surprising. In one league I swung a trade sending away LaDainian Tomlinson and Tom Brady for Kurt Warner and Marion Barber. After seeing LT and Brady this weekend, I am very glad to have dumped the dead weight.

Brett Favre is God Part 4,329
I was proud of myself for avoiding all sports media prior to kick-off of the Packers-Vikings game last night. I’ve had enough of the Favre hype and media spin, but I certainly wanted to see the actual game. Was there any doubt that Favre would have a big game? As much as I hate his personality (and that new stupid TV commercial mocking his indecisiveness) he stepped up and played great last night. The announcers were completely giddy last night, especially Gruden, as they acted like they’ve next seen a quarterback throw a tight spiral. Favre stuck it to his old team, which was really his life’s biggest dream, but I’d really credit the Vikings’ defense for the win. The Vikings look good but I still think they’re behind the Giants, Saints and 49ers in the NFC.

Play of the Week
Brandon Marshall hadn’t done anything all day but this play proves that quarterbacks just need to throw the ball to their best receiver and trust him to make a play. The catch is great, snatching it away from the defender, but then he turns it on for some great YAC. Great run, even worse tackling by the Dallas secondary. And I love Daniel Graham, #89 running in at the end to taunt and sort of block. This touchdown ultimately won the game for Denver as Dallas choked again, proving they are severely overrated.


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