This is Why You’re Fat

Heart Attack on a Plate

Heart Attack on a Plate

There’s a disturbing new trend in food. There seems to be an insane fascination with making ridiculous dishes combining decadent, unhealthy and illogical ingredients. The best place to browse a compilation of these monstrosities is This Is Why You’re Fat. The basic blog/instant gag reflex relies on photo submissions of readers and it seems like each post is grosser than the last. I really have a love/(mostly) hate relationship with this site.

On the one hand, it’s childish fun to scroll through endless pages of gross yet tempting creations that could give you an instant heart attack. Some of the submissions look tasty and worthy of second thought. But on the other hand, realistically, most of the shit is gross. The site is called “This is Why Your Fat.” I believe at it’s conception the blog (and now a book)  was meant to be a humorous commentary on unhealthy food that people eat. Deep fried oreos, corn dog casserole, bacon explosion–all pretty tame.

But over time, the site has begun to feature more homemade creations that are just plain excessive. El nino? The Meat Baby? Eggs Five Ways? It feels like rather than celebrating simply fattening and real food, wannabe cooks are going out of their way to one-up each other create the most disgusting combinations possible. Sure, a cheeseburger with glazed donuts as buns sounds great, but there’s no way it can taste good. Ultimately it’s a waste of food and money. Sure, you get your monstrosity posted on a blog, but after the cool factor wears off, you’ve gained five pounds, made a mess of your kitchen and dropped $40 at the store. I don’t fault the site for this new trend, but at some point they have to realize that the submissions they post are really not why people are fat.

On second thought, maybe the site is moving to look at the bigger picture. Maybe only one guy is getting fat on the Meatini, but isn’t the inspiration of invention and excess that spawned all of these dishes the real reason why we’re fat?

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