Fantasy Tuesday

There’s a new show coming to FX next week called “The League.” It’s about a group of friends and their fantasy football league. I imagine that the show will hit a little close to home for me. Hopefully the show will be done right and not just some cheap attempt to capitalize on the popularity of fantasy football in the 18-45 demographic. Now, FX has a pretty good history with comedies and they produce some of the best shows on TV (Rescue Me, Nip/Tuck, Sunny). There are plenty of reasons for The League to be good, but it could easily be corny and unwatchable. The writers need to somehow combine humor with the real human emotions that come with rejected trades, sleeper picks, blow-out wins and vultured touchdowns. Full review to come next week.

My Teams
For the first time, I went 0-3 this weekend, handily losing in every match-up. It’s weeks like this I wonder why I even try. Really, ninety percent of fantasy football is luck. All the research, projections, analysis and pontification is pretty worthless once the players are on the field. For instance, we all know Tennessee sucks, but who’d have predicted that Brady would throw 6 TDs, 3 to Moss and win 59-0 IN THE F’ING SNOW. As I look at all teams, I just don’t like them. I have decent players but nothing is jelling. I don’t think I’d care so much if there wasn’t money at stake, but waking up Tuesday mornings and seeing the official scores hasn’t been fun the past four weeks. Unfortunately, I don’t think a trade would help and the waiver wire just hasn’t been producing. My only solace is that I won a league last year at 8-5. The goal now is just to make the playoffs. Stay tuned.

Tons of players went off over the weekend, and none were on my team. Ray Rice, Drew Brees, Brady, Moss, Eddie Royal, MJD, and Thomas Jones all come to mind. Almost half-way through the season and Steve Smith (Giants) is a top receiver, Matt Schaub leads QBs in points and Cedric Benson is a viable starting running back. Again, no one knows anything.

Well, I Was Wrong
Last week I said the Giants were already in the Super Bowl. Well, I watched them play the Saints and the Giants got destroyed. I still the Giants are solid, but more so, the Saints proved they are for real. Mark Sanchize continues to look like a rookie with five, FIVE, interceptions, but the real loss for the Jets is nose tackle Kris Jenkins. The D won’t be the same. The Bengals blew a chance to improve their record and the Eagles laid a fat egg against the Raiders. Let’s now say Saints and Colts for the Super Bowl.

Game of the Week
Vikings vs. Ravens was easily the best game of the week THAT I DIDN’T GET TO SEE CLIMACTIC END TO BECAUSE THE GODDAMN PATRIOTS GAME CUT IN AT THE TWO MINUTE WARNING. Farve and Flacco traded drives and when Ray Rice busted a thirty-yard run to put the Ravens ahead, I thought it was over. But then of course, Captain Comeback throws a bomb to Sydney Rice and the laser to Shiancoe to take the lead again. But as Baltimore got the ball back and started to drive again, CBS cut the feed and put on the Patriots. I get that local affiliates get preference, but it seems ridiculous to cut away from an amazing game, to bring the audience the start of a meaningless one. To make things even worse, CBS continued to show the Pats game even after they were up 45-0 at halftime. Why again can’t the NFL have to common sense to toggle games that are irrelevant like they do with March Madness?

The cherry on top was that once the Pats slaughter was finally over, they aired another hour of the Jets/Bill overtime game! So the NFL can cut off one good ending to bring you another game, but if another great ending is going on, NFL can push back all other programming to whenever it feels like. It’s a fight I’ll never win, but it just looks more and more like I’ll need to switch to DirectTV.


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