The League

The League finally premiered last week, and despite extremely high expectations, I think the show delivered. Decent, stereotypical characters, enough realistic football talk and solid jokes made the pilot rather enjoyable. My favorite scene had to be when Paul Scheer’s character offers to give a toast and none of the other guys give it a shit. It was subtle, but extremely effective in developing their relationship. I only worry about the stoner friend; he just seemed a little too obvious. I mean there’s always a guy in the league who doesn’t give a shit and does well anyways, but I hope he’s just not in the show for easy comic relief and pot jokes. It will be interesting to see where the show goes, but as long as they keep the crude humor and fantasy stuff realistic, then I’ll be on board for the whole season.

The Teams
2-1 on the weekend; 1-1 in pay leagues; 6 game losing streak in one pay league; 4th straight week losing after going into Monday night with the lead or a chance to win from behind. 5-3 in one pay league, tied for second; 2-6 in one pay league, tied for last; 4-4 in the lame league that doesn’t play for money. O people willing to trade with me and 0 people worth picking up on the waiver wire. FMFFL.

The Giants Suck
Hey Brandon Jacobs, what the fuck is wrong with you? Run through the hole and smash someone. But really, after looking like contenders in the first five weeks of the season, the Giants have lost three in a row and have left the NFC East wide open for the Eagles and Cowboys. In other shitty news, Brett Favre won again in another game of the century, returning to Green Bay. He got booed rightfully so, but then shut everyone up by schooling the Packers D. Green Bay might want to learn how to pass protect for Aaron Rodgers. As it looks right now, you’d have to go Saints and Colts look like the elite teams from each conference, but look out for the Patriots, Eagles, Cardinals, Texans and deep sleeper Miami to finish strong.

Play of the Week
The best play I saw from the weekend came from Atlanta defensive back Brent Grimes. He absolutely skies to intercept Drew Brees. It’s one thing to jump high and make a nice deflection, but elevates and is able to haul in the catch. Huge vertical.



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